The Great Thousand World is a convergence of numerous planes and clans, teeming with Heavenly Sovereigns hailing from the Lower Planes. Each of these rulers possesses a destiny that is coveted by all within this realm. The Endless Fire Territory is ablaze with thousands of infernos and comes under the jurisdiction of the Flame Emperor. The Martial Ancestor, with an unmatched power capable of withstanding even the heavens and earth, governs the Martial Realm. The West Heaven Temple is under the rule of the Emperor of a Hundred Battles, who wields absolute authority. Meanwhile, the Immortal Owner presides over the Northern Desolate Hill, a place overflowing with graves. Accompanied by a Nine Netherworld Bird, a young man from the Northern Spiritual Realm soars into the vast and diverse world ahead of him, embarking on a thrilling adventure. With countless individuals vying for the chance to become the Great Ruler, who will master their destiny amidst the intense competition in the Great Thousand World?
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