Tatsunoko Production's 55th anniversary is celebrated through a lively animated film depicting a vibrant kingdom situated on a distant planet. The kingdom thrives with lively individuals, amongst which is the youthful 12-year-old Princess Yuuki, journeying through a tumultuous phase in her life. She experiences laughter, tears and indulges in elation while situated in her royal abode. Her life is painted in vivid hues by her devoted assistants - Reira, her tutor, Izana - a political aide, Harold - the chivalrous leader, and lastly, her childhood acquaintance and aide, Joshua. "Yuuki, with your resolute determination and courage, you can surmount anything that comes your way!" "Goodness me! Joshua, let us maintain our dignity." On the flip side, there is seventeen-year-old Stella, the responsible and poised warrior who always wears a smile, where smiling for her is a crucial part of life itself. Ultimately, the tale is one of two gallant heroines deriving from remote planets.
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