The universe is an expansive realm that bears witness to the creation of countless life forms, each possessing a unique soul. These souls vary in beliefs and cultural backgrounds, yet Taoism exists as a universal hope for all. Any living entity possesses a Dao heart, which, if harnessed, can lead to boundless power and everlasting life. The path laid out by the Heaven and Earth is one of fortune, reserved for only the most capable. The journey towards the great road is a struggle that is undergone by races and spirits alike. However, only a few individuals are able to attain Tao in a given era. For those who do reach the summit, they believe themselves to be free from all earthly worries. But even the embrace of Dao does not protect its followers from the harsh hand of fate. Rulers reside above each era, harvesting spirituality and laying waste to worlds. These rulers nourish and, eventually, reap all races and spirits. To resist the reaping, past Taoists fought unceasingly, yet their efforts were always in vain. Until, one heroic figure named Ye Yu emerged. With each step, he uncovered secrets and peeled away layers of mystery to reveal a grand tapestry of life. In this magnificent world, Ye Yu formed bonds of love and friendship, purifying his Taoist heart and ultimately confronting the mighty ruler who sought to harvest all life forms.
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