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Asta and Yuno were abandoned at a church on the same day and grew up together as children. They both shared the ambition of becoming the most powerful mage in the kingdom, commonly referred to as the "Wizard King." Unfortunately, Asta did not possess magical abilities, relying instead on his physical capabilities for improvement, whereas Yuno easily wielded magic. When Yuno turned 15, he was gifted a rare Grimoire with a four-leaf clover, symbolizing his extraordinary magical skills. Astoundingly, Asta was left with nothing. However, their tranquil lives were disrupted when Lebuty, a dangerous adversary, attacked Yuno with the intention of acquiring his Grimoire. Although Asta tried to defend him, he was no match for Lebuty. Despite being on the brink of defeat, Asta's resolve was reignited when he heard Yuno's voice, fueling him to push beyond his limits. Ultimately, he obtained an exceedingly powerful Grimoire with a five-leaf clover, known as the "Black Clover," granting him the strength to vanquish Lebuty. Afterward, the two friends ventured forth into the world with the same vision: to attain the position of Wizard King.
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