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Despite his short stature being a notable disadvantage in basketball, Sora Kurumatani refused to let it hinder his passion for the sport. He persevered and consistently practiced, maintaining a strong belief in his ability to prove any doubters wrong. Sora's endeavours were steered by his mother's request, entailing him joining the basketball team at Kuzuryuu High School to fulfill his dreams of competing in tournaments. Unfortunately, upon joining the team, Sora is disheartened to discover a group of non-athletic delinquents with no interest in basketball. However, as he gets to know the Hanazono brothers, Chiaki and Momoharu, they also reveal their dwindled passion for the game. Sora graciously takes it upon himself to reignite the team's drive, challenging them to a match where he flaunts his swift movements and quick feet to showcase his skills. The boys are awestruck by Sora's talent and tireless devotion to the sport, thus reigniting their love for basketball.
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