As the deranged lunatic from the Lanling Jin Clan, Wei Wuxian had been able to conceal himself and reside in the Cloud Recesses. His former cultivation classmate, Lan Wangji, was meanwhile trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the demonic severed arm they held captive. It emanated an overwhelming dark energy which made it imperative for them to team up and contain it. Yet, it quickly became apparent that this was not the only ominous force at play in the region. As the spiritual tension escalated in the mountains of the Gusu Lan Clan, the two had to work together to restore order. Wei Wuxian's story continued to unravel further, with his fall from grace laid bare. The ominous demonic arm only served to intensify his restless spirit. This was his chance to prove that he had truly broken free from the path of demonic cultivation, and that he was not the maniacal sorcerer everyone had perceived him to be.
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