Despite spending a considerable amount of time with Takagi, Nishikata is still struggling to come up with the perfect strategy to outmaneuver the skilled teaser. Whether he employs a battle of wits, a display of physical prowess, or a test of courage, every tactic he employs to expose her vulnerabilities is unproductive. If anything, his attempts merely accentuate his own inadequacies, which Takagi gleefully exploits to intensify her teasing. Adding to his predicament, rumors about their relationship may have spread throughout the class due to their frequent interactions. Nevertheless, Nishikata maintains an optimistic outlook, believing that wisdom comes with time and that his daily exposure to Takagi's relentless teasing will eventually pay off, resulting in his long-awaited triumph. As a result, he persists in his quest to outwit Takagi and elicit a blush of embarrassment.
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