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At Kirajuku's Kirarigaoka Middle School, a group of exceptional idols named "Miracle☆Kiratts" has gained immense popularity due to their streaming programs. Comprising of three second-year students namely Mirai Momoyama, Emo Moegi, and Rinka Aoba, they now face an unprecedented challenge as an enigmatic Pri☆Chan idol named "Dia" introduces them to the Jewel Pact. Dia presents a competition called the "Jewel Auditions" that aims to discover idols possessing the shine and radiance like that of jewels and transform them into "Jewel Idols". The aspiring idols must have a sparkling heart to make their "Kiratto Jewel" gleam and win their "Jewel Coord" outfit. The most talented and gifted "Jewel Idol" will earn the prestigious "Diamond Coord." Who among them will come out as the ultimate winner? Their world is about to turn upside down with ambitions and dreams in the race to become a "Jewel Idol."
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