For five years, Gokuu enjoyed a tranquil existence with his spouse and offspring. Unfortunately, a mysterious foe interrupted his peace: Raditz. This interloper alleged that he was Gokuu's long-lost brother and that they were both Saiyan warriors, hailing from a planet that no longer existed. Gokuu was sent to Earth as an infant with orders to conquer and destroy it, but a head injury caused him to forget his malevolent mission, and he evolved into a kind and thoughtful human in the present day. Even though Raditz tried to coerce Gokuu into collaborating with him, he didn't succeed. Still, he warned Gokuu's companions of an impending menace that could result in a planet-to-planet battle and even universal destruction. In the epic saga of Dragon Ball Z, the Dragon Balls – an accumulation of magical globes – would be fiercely contested, and the mightiest fighters would emerge victorious.
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